Why do commercial mowers cut better

If you know anything about commercial lawn mowers, you know that they are highly effective at their jobs and valuable. Some commercial mowers are worth as much as a car in value and outperform any other type of mower there is on the market. Additionally, these commercial mowers are faster than regular lawnmowers. If you’re unsure whether or not a commercial mower is better than any other mower, read on to find out exactly why commercial mowers cut better.

Commercial mowers are faster

Commercial mowers are much faster at cutting lawns than other types of mowers. Research shows that in the time it takes a regular mower to cut 100 lawns, a commercial mower can cut 3000. There are a variety of reasons why they cut faster than residential mowers, but the biggest reason is the engineering of the commercial mowers. The engineering behind a commercial mower involves very thick steel, a well-balanced deck and an engine with a higher horsepower. This higher horsepower and torque lead to a higher blade tip rotation speed, or basically the blades spin faster. Since the blades spin faster on commercial mowers than other mowers, it cuts faster and gets jobs done much more quickly.

Additionally, commercial lawn mowers from Cub Cadet have more blades in general than other mowers do. Once again, if you have more blades that are swinging at faster speeds then more grass can be cut in less time. It’s important to remember that these blades are heavy as well, so users of these commercial mowers never have to worry about getting their blades caught on anything or getting them tangled. These heavy blades are swinging so quickly that they can cut through almost anything that they come up against on a lawn.

The design of commercial mowers is better

Not only do commercial mowers cut lawns faster, but the design of the mower is also built to be better than residential mowers. With heavier blades, more blades, faster rotations and higher horsepower, the suction that the mower creates when cutting grass is incredible. Commercial mowers have much a stronger suction force than residential mowers do. The high suction on these mowers does a few things that help to benefit the process of cutting grass.

First, since there is a lot of upward suction on the mower, it helps to stand the grass up completely straight right before it gets cut. This leads to a better, lower cut. This lower cut will also be more leveled across an entire lawn.

Second, it dices the grass into very small grass clippings that are easily sucked up and pulled away from the lawn making the cut very clean. If you’re able to attach a bag to your commercial mower then you won’t miss any small clippings because the suction will grab all of them.

Lastly, the high level of torque in the engine means it can power through both thick and thin levels of grass. No type of grass is a challenge to a commercial mower. The engineering behind the design of a commercial mower is more thought out and planned than residential motors. Hydraulic pumps are used in a commercial motor to make it more reliable and agile. These commercial mowers also have the ability to go over hills and into ditches while still cutting grass efficiently. There really is no comparison when it comes to commercial mowers and any other type of mower. A commercial mower will outperform any residential motor every day of the week without a problem because that’s what they are designed to do.

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