What are the most attractive and beautiful flowers to start creating your own garden outdoor?

summer comes

I’ve spent my lockdown tidying up my garden. Believe me, when I say this, it was a mess!

But towards the end, it went from being a jungle to a dull patch of grass.

You don’t want any garden; you want what I call an “About You Garden.”

When I looked at my garden, I decided what I wanted more than anything else was to put some lovely flowers down. These are the flowers I chose to put into my garden.

Passion Flower

The first flower that I wanted to plant was the passionflower.

As someone who loves sci-fi, what I loved about this one was that it doesn’t look like it’s from Earth. But believe it or not, it is.

It’s not just the bright purple color, something which is more common than you might think, it’s also the strange, tentacle-like structures around the pollen.

Measuring up to 3 inches wide, and coming in over 500 species, these plants are the bee’s best friends.

Black-Eyed Susan

Despite the name, the black-eyed Susan is not Fergie’s replacement. It’s a stunning flower that looks almost like a sort of skinny, sunflower that you can get from garden online stores.

If you’re looking for a “cottagecore” vibe, this flower can help bring your garden to life, whilst also bringing it back to a time when life was much simpler.

Due to its height, and open petals, if you want to attract butterflies into your garden, the black-eyed Susan will have the same effect on our fluttery friends that the black-eyed peas are going to have on your teenage son.

The greatest thing about the black-eyed Susan is how it’s so magnificent yet also so subtle.


When the summer comes, if you want your garden to stand out from the rest of your neighbors, you’ll want to get your hands on the Echinacea.

Unlike most other flowers, their beautiful petals are facing down, and with the seed area all fluffy and pointing to the sky. In my personal view, these flowers remind me of a princess wearing an elegant ball gown.

A nickname for this one is the “coneflower”. And whilst it doesn’t look like an ice cream cone, you can’t look at it and not realize how it got this nickname.


If you’re a bit of a girly girl, or man who’s in touch with his feminine side, the Dahlia is a gorgeous name and an even more magnificent appearance.

These flowers are made of petals that take up the whole area, and if they were a little bigger, you would be forgiven for wanting to give them a big hug. Depending on the climate and soil, they can be small enough to hold several in your palm, or they could be the size of a dinner plate.

And if you want a flower with some height, they can grow up to several feet tall.


When you want to sit in your garden with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, you want to do it in a garden full of flowers.

Of course, the four we’ve spoken about today aren’t the only flowers that exist. But they are my personal favorites.

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