Home Cultivation Tips: Invest Less Time and Increase Productivity of Your Fruits and Vegetables Plantation

There are several market gardens in the world today that have become popular for the number of vegetables that are being cultivated year in year out. As one with a home farm space, you can learn a thing or two from these market gardens that can help you invest less time and increase productivity. From the Keen gardener user review, we understand that there are several tips that one can engage to maximize productivity. These tips when engaged with the right garden accessories can result in a bountiful harvest for you. Let’s quickly examine 5 of these home cultivation tips.

Make Use of Permanent and Raised Beds

Cultivating at home means that you have less space, unlike someone who has farmland dedicated to it. By making use of permanent raised beds, you can effectively maximize the little space that you have. Unlike conventional farming where crops are planted in individual rows making use of tractors, permanent beds plant crops in multiple rows. With this, you have the active growing area separated from the pathways.

It Is Better To Transplant

Direct seeding is good, but for your home farm, transplanting is better. While it is clear that there are crops you cannot transplant like carrots, there are many others that you can transplant. The more you transplant, the higher the chance you stand of harvesting more in that season. Another advantage of transplanting is that it creates more growing space throughout a planting season.

Try Interplanting

Other than transplanting, you can also try interplanting . This simply refers to the act of cultivating more than one crop at the same time. This helps you to maximize potentials available in a growing space but needs to be done carefully. The popular transplanting technique is to plant a crop that grows fast alongside a crop that takes time to grow. Before you interplant, make sure you go for plants that do well with themselves as against just randomly selecting plants.


Dense Plantation is the Best

To increase how much you get from your home farm, you should plant more densely. You do not have to space your fruits and vegetables farther than is expected. Dense plantation means you do not have to sacrifice good growing space when you can maximize all of it for a more bountiful harvest. However, when planting densely, do not pack your vegetables together. There should be a reasonable space between vegetables to avoid shading and poor air circulation.

Make Use of Your Vertical Space

There are many people who, when cultivating in their homes, fail to make use of the vertical space. You can create more shelves around the vertical sides of your home to take more layers of plants. Keep a close eye on every tray added to the shelf to be sure they are all getting the attention and supplies they need to grow effectively.

From maximizing vertical space, planting more densely, and interplanting, to transplanting and making use of permanent raised beds, you can invest less time and get more from your plants. All of these allow you to make use of a very small space at a low maintenance cost and time while increasing productivity from it.

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